Another perfect day in Dolly Sods Wilderness

Another perfect day in Dolly Sods Wilderness
Taken just off the Red Creek Trail/Blackbird Knob Trail Junction

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Startin my winter projects

I have started my winter gear making projects. I have made two Caldera Clone windscreens; one for my Fosters Can and one for the Heinie pot; they weigh 1 ounce each. I am also gathering materials and tools to make a couple of supercat alcohol stoves. The windscreens turned out pretty well, but the proof is in the using, which I will do as soon as I can fire up the stove outside. Must do the first couple of burns with the new windscreens outside, as the aluminum flashing has a coating on it that will smoke and burn the first few times (I will use a wire brush to brush off the coating after it has softened up).

I will take a few pictures of the windscreens soon and post some test data on the supercat stoves that I make.
I love stove projects! They make winter at least a useful time.

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